The Therapy
The Therapy
The gentle Australian healing system, ISBT-Bowen Therapy, is applied to treat a broad range of physical ailments including muscular, structural and visceral complaints.

It is a dynamic fascial and muscle release modality, with single, gentle cross-fibre moves being applied to specific muscles, tendons and ligaments to improve flow of blood, lymph and energy. These moves are usually applied in precise Sequences. When required, these Sequences often create self-correcting structural changes to promote overall body balance.

It is a minimalist approach to bodywork, doing away with the need for repetitive and often invasive action. It is especially useful with its ability to be effectively applied when many other therapies cannot, such as with extreme trauma, frail, elderly people and very young babies.

The philosophy behind ISBT’s modality is based on the osteopathic principle that the structure of the body governs its function. Correcting the structure to improve overall well-being is often the aim.

The visceral impact of correcting basic structural imbalance can, in itself, often be profound. Add to this, specific ISBT Sequences aimed at visceral dysfunction and a truly holistic approach to many health problems results.
An ISBT-Bowen Therapy Treatment
During a treatment the practitioner applies gentle ‘rolling’ moves on very specific points on the muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moves are often applied in special Sequences. These initiate relaxation of the muscles, flexibility of the fascia and increased circulation of essential fluids and serve to bring about the often profound results positively affecting many conditions in the whole body.

At specific times during the treatment, the practitioner may allow the body to rest; they may even leave the room. This can be an important part of the treatment, when the body is given time to react. It also is a time to relax – the recipient may wish to ‘tune-in’ to how the body may be responding to the work.